Google’s IT Support Professional Cert in 2 Weeks

And what’s the value of “getting certified.”

It’s December 2019 and I’m trying to start my year off right.

I decide that I want to get more IT certifications this year. Google’s IT Support Professional Certification keeps popping up in my emails, so I do a little recon. I learn that it’s a lot of basic IT info, plus other’s have completed the cert in as little as a week.

Great! Coursera offers a 7-day free trial. (After the free trial, it’s $50/month.)

So I enroll on Coursera, sign up for the certification, and set a goal to finish in one week.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is made up of 5 main modules with about 6 weeks of work in each. Curious how someone handles that much course material in 2 weeks? Well, I have about 8 years experience working in a variety of IT roles and I have multiple CompTIA certifications (A+, Project+, & Sec+).

But don’t freak out if you’ve never done anything with IT! Or if you’ve just got a CompTIA A+! The course iis easy to grasp and there’s a very active forum full of helpful people (and mentors) for anything you don’t immediately understand.

Module Breakdown:

  • Technical Support Fundamentals

This is the cert intro and will be the easiest if you already have an IT background. It can be challenging though because it’s a “pancake class.” (Not a lot of in-depth info, and very broad subject coverage.) All of Google’s certs feature, surprise, Googlers who come to teach. They’ll focus not just about the subject matter, but share their own experience working in IT.

There’s always additional resources and reading materials offered in each module that you can use. And every intro module goes over the basics of what you’ll need.

  • The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking

Welcome to Networking! This is where you’ll learn about things like “subnetting,” “ports,” “TCP/UDP,” and tons about wireless equipment and protocols.

By the time you get finished, you’ll be able to answer everyone’s favorite interview question, “What happens when you type a URL into a browser?

  • Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User

Power User = Power Shell! Get ready to remote into some desktops and bash your way through some shells! The Terminal is where it’s at!

You’ll encounter some hands-on labs a lot in this module. (There’ll be more as you go along into other modules.)

Learning basic Linux commands is integral to system administration and being able to work in Powershell will help you a lot on the job!

  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

We’re now into remotely running systems and understanding how to do data backups and what directory services are. The labs only get more complicated here.

Remember that forum is there for a reason!

  • IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

This was by far my favorite module of the entire course, but that’s because I’m a cybersecurity nerd! We had a lot of the basics covered like, “What’s a virus?” But we also touched on things “like how to secure a network,” “what good IT security looks like,” and even touched on “security awareness.”

You’ll get some awesome printable certs for each module you complete. When you’re done, you’ll be able to show off your final Coursera cert and join the private forum for those who are certified.

One of the cool resources you’ll receive is an email to join, CareerCircle. They’re a career website that can potentially help you get your first helpdesk role!

Some of you may wonder what I got out of this course with my experience, so here’s a short list of things I learned:

- Proper way to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Putty.
- Tons of commands for Powershell
- Got better at Linux Commands and navigation.
- Working with user logs in multiple environments.
- Got better at generating and inspecting key pairs for cyptography
- Playing around with tcpdump




Red Team & Pentest, Masters in Cybersecurity Candidate, Deque Scholar, Google Associate Cloud Eng Challenge, Previously EA & Facebook

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Cynthia Taylor

Cynthia Taylor

Red Team & Pentest, Masters in Cybersecurity Candidate, Deque Scholar, Google Associate Cloud Eng Challenge, Previously EA & Facebook

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